It doesn’t look like much from the outside. Gro is one of those hidden gems. There are always the same two running the place, alternating on a daily basis; one in the kitchen and the other in the dining room. Once you step inside, you are obligated to slip into the waiting line, trying to decipher the menu scribbled on the black chalkboard in Swedish.

One of the chefs, the storyteller that day, explained: “The soup of the day is a celery and apple soup with pork belly and cabbage, and the sandwich is lamb and vegetables.” That was it.

And so we chose the soup and took a seat surrounded by the sparse, almost bare to the bone, décor. They obviously pay great attention to detail: the country bread simply yet beautifully placed on a napkin, the killer butter sprinkled with ash, candles casually placed here and there, elegant porcelain dishes... We can still taste that celery soup, warm and creamy, garnished with nuts, and seasoned with zesty apple cider vinegar that awakens the taste buds. An impeccably balanced composition that elevates this humble peasant dish to exquisite new heights!

The pork belly was so irresistibly juicy that we kept coming back for more. The dessert that day was a carrot cake revisited with Christmas spices. A marker of talent, of greatness, worthy of a gastronomic restaurant. We learned that these two did in fact work in high-end establishments, first in Sweden and then in New York. They revealed their culinary paths to us, almost timidly, and we left baffled by such flavors and such finesseat such a fair price.

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