As surprising as it may seem, the Swedish chef Bjorn Frantzen has opened a British-inspired pub just steps from his eponymous gastronomic restaurant. It goes by the name Flying Elk. Simply by the décor, we could have sworn that we were in Great Britain, with its dark green walls, cozy booths, the Smiths and Joy division in the background, beef ribs to be dipped in a tartar sauce, triple fried fries, fish and chips and a macaroni and cheese to die for. We wanted to order everything, sneak a bite from our neighbors plate – in the end, we shared everything. All the way to the sticky toffee pudding, simply decadent. Only the vanilla ice cream escaped our magnanimous mood. That one, we wanted to keep to ourselves. Light and airy, with a subtle but vibrant vanilla flavor, it wrapped our palate with its creaminess at the first bite. Sublime, and memorable.

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