Robert €€

32 rue de la Fontaine aux rois
75011 Paris

+33 1 43 57 20 29

open Wednesday to Saturday
lunch & dinner

dinner menu 55€

Robert is a quintessentially friendly name:  Robert Altman, Robert De Niro, Robert Badinter, all great people.

Robert is also the name of Peter Orr’s father and the name of his first restaurant, which he opened just steps away from République. How delightful it is to taste once again Peter’s vibrant and joyous cooking that we fell in love with at Bar Martin.

Peter is there, smiling, ready to send out his impeccably seasoned and precise compositions. His good humor is palpable and the dining staff’s delight in welcoming each diner is incredibly communicative. They give you the time that you need to get ready to enjoy the vibrant plates at Robert. Whether it be the aged beef tartare spiked with a chili mayo and pickles, or the ever so delicate and juicy white asparagus with smoked eel and almond milk. Even the larger formats are exciting, like the grilled pork with boudin noir and super fluffy gnocchi, propped up on the plate like two pillows. We opted for the tasting menu, simply because we wanted to taste everything. Places that make you smile have become rare in Paris. And it has also become rare, in this proliferation of new restaurants, to immediately want to come back to the same place. Thanks Bob, thanks Pete, we’ll see you very soon.