Fulgurances Fulgurances

10, rue Alexandre Dumas
75011, Paris

01 43 48 14 59

Open Tuesday to Friday
for lunch and dinner
12h30 - 14h and 19h30 - 22h

Lunch menu 19€ & 25€
Dinner menu 58€

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Fulgurances, l’Adresse” acts as an incubator, welcoming young chefs to take over the kitchen in order to find and refine their identity, test their ideas, and learn how to manage a team, before setting off to open their own restaurant. The natural evolution of our event “Les seconds sont les premiers”, which brings sous chefs center stage, and a more long-term approach that gives these young talents a creative space where they can thrive.

If you are currently a sous chef, on the brink of setting off to open your own restaurant, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Perhaps you could be the next resident chef at l’Adresse.

Mariana Villegas

From August 28th until late December

Mariana was born in Monterrey, Mexico, where she developed her taste for vibrant cultures and flavors. At a young age, she moved to New York to study at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. She discovered her passion for local agriculture, seasonal ingredients and creating special relationships with farmers during her internship at Blackbird in Chicago. After graduating, she joined Danny Meyers’ team at the Union Square Café, before returning to Mexico to work for chef Enrique Olvera at his restaurant Pujol.

She worked on every station, enthusiastic and stimulated by his creative and vivacious cuisine, until Enrique Olvera asked her to join the opening team at Cosme, his New York restaurant.

As chef de cuisine, she worked with the team to combine high-end cuisine with traditional Mexican dishes and flavors, bringing to light ingredients never seen before in the United States.

Previous resident chefs

  • Raphaël Calisto

    March 13th — August 3rd 2018

    Raphaël Calisto didn’t always know that he would one day become a chef. He found his way through a program that combined art, economics and cooking. Kobe Desramaults rapidly noticed his talent and decided to integrate him in his new project De Superette in Ghent. At Fulgurances, the young chef combined his experience in Belgium, his Portuguese roots and his ties to Paris, the city where he was born but never actually lived in until today.

  • Antoine Villard

    February 27th — March 10th 2018

    Antoine had just returned from a long journey around South-East Asia, where he was moved by the simplicity of dishes eaten on the street, or in a fisherman’s village. What is essential, what lasts, that is what is important. We were thrilled to welcome Antoine Villard at Fulgurances for a couple of days.

  • Peeter Pihel

    January 4th — February 24th 2018

    When Peeter Pihel speaks of his cuisine, he evokes “unpredictable simplicity”. This motto rings like a mantra for the young Estonian chef. We were truly moved by his cuisine a couple of years ago on the island of Muhu at the restaurant Padaste. At Fulgurances, Peeter created a new culinary repertoire and began a new dialogue with our regulars guests.

  • Sebastian Myers

    September 26th — December 22nd 2017

    Sebastian is an enthusiast. He speaks quickly, smiles a lot, and loves to share stories and anecdotes about his travels. The young chef was born in Australia, but London is where his cooking career truly began. He was Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes’ sous chef at Viajente, and then became the chef of his new restaurant Chiltern Firehouse. He will soon open Snackbar in the British capital, with his business partner Freddie Janssen. 

  • Céline Pham

    March — September 2017

    Celine Pham first delved into the world of music before realizing that she spent most of her spare time helping friends in their restaurants. She eventually took the leap and signed up for culinary school at Ferrandi in Paris. At Fulgurances, her dishes were filled with her memories of Vietnam, her travels, her stories, intertwined with a true ecological consciousness and a constant search for balance; and bursts of emotion.

  • Sam Miller

    January 4th — March 4th 2017

    Sam Miller was our first ever guest chef. He is 34 years old. He is from Northern England, and was the youngest sous chef of Britain's institution le Champignon Sauvage. He then travelled around Europe, in Spain at the Mugaritz and El Bulli, and in Scandinavia at Magnus Nilsson’s Faviken. A rich and startling journey that pushed him to go even further, all the way to the other side of the globe to Australia, to open Silvereye. In Paris, he is free to pick from his many past experiences, and sharpen his cooking style.

  • Rose Greene

    December 1st — 22nd 2016

    Rose will never forget where she comes from. The first thing she talks about when asked about herself is her childhood in the family farm in Ireland, where she learnt how to churn butter with her mother with the milk of the cows from the surrounding pastures, and where her father taught her how to tame the land. Rose was Kobe Desramaults’ sous chef at In de Wulf in Belgium for four years. That is also where she met Margaux, a French cook who became her accomplice, and with whom she plans to open her first restaurant.

  • Tamir Nahmias

    May 2016 — November 2016

    Before taking the reigns of Fulgurances, l’Adresse, Tamir Nahmias was Grégory Marchand’s sous chef for three years. He also worked alongside Adeline Grattard at Yam Tcha and Pascal Barbot at l’Astrance. Both different and powerful experiences for this young Israeli chef, who now wishes to give us a little piece of himself and uncover his own cuisine : Middle-eastern flavors with a creative and contemporary twist.
  • Chloé Charles

    October 2015 — May 2016

    Our first resident chef was Chloé Charles, Bertrand Grébaut’s former sous chef for two years at Septime. She also worked alongside David Toutain at l’Agapé Substance. We discovered her a couple of years when we invited her to do one of our « Seconds sont les premiers » dinners.

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