Becoming a resident

We are always on the lookout for our next resident !

Becoming a resident

Residencies last between 2 and 5 months. Here is how to apply:

Pre-requisites to apply

  • At least five years of experience working in kitchens
  • At least one year in a sous chef position
  • A love for contemporary high-end cooking
  • Comfortable in a tasting menu format
  • A respect for the environment and the seasons
  • A respect for each and every team mate
  • A desire to one day open your own venture !

How to apply

Please e-mail [email protected] with :

  • Your background and experience in cooking, your motivation to join our residency program, your expectations, your dreams and what you wish to accomplish at Fulgurances. Feel free to add any anecdotes, photos, ideas, or dishes that will help us get to know you better. 
  • Your resume with the description of each position you held and where. 
  • If you are applying for l’Adresse (Paris) or the Laundromat (New York)
  • Your dates and availability for a residence ! 

Before each potential residency, we always organize our “Les seconds sont les premiers” event so that we can get to know your cuisine and you can familiarize yourself with our restaurant and our kitchen and dining room team.

We can’t wait to meet you !