Adar – €

Address :
49 passage des panoramas 75002

Phone :
06 64 49 18 68

Monday to Friday from 12.00pm  to 07.00 pm

 mezze + entree  20€ / dessert 6€

How many times have we wanted to answer the question: Where are they now? How many times have our loyal clients wanted to know about our resident chefs’ adventures and new endeavors, the after « Fulgurances l’Adresse », their new story. 

We are thrilled and moved to announce the opening of Adar, Tamir Nahmias’ new space of expression, he who dazzled us three years ago with his ever so precise Mediterranean cuisine and delightful mezzes. 

After many months of contemplation, Tamir decided that he did not want to open a restaurant; Adar defines itself as a deli & caterer. Why ?

« I wanted to bring something different to the table. A simpler cuisine, more immediate, inspired by the Middle East and the recipes and preparation that I love and have know forever, that I want to rework using products that are local and exceptional, full of herbs, and contemporary techniques. The catering and events side of Adar is a way for me express myself in another register, more creative, in diverse formats, for different audiences and projects. »

It would be a lie if we told you that we waited to discover Adar; we lasted about a week. And we definitely did not regret it. The space is beautiful: warm, full of plants and spices hanging from the ceiling and overflowing the shelves, with touches here and there of marble and wood. And what a delight it was to taste Tamir’s cuisine once again — perfectly seasoned, and incredibly precise, from his choice of a spice, to the cuisson of a chickpea —  and to indulge in his delectable desserts and the freshness of each bite. 

We cannot tell you enough to rush to the Passage des Panoramas in the 2nd arrondissement to discover Adar, Tamir Nahmias, Tiphaine Bailly and Aaron Rosenthal’s new gem. After only two weeks, it’s already magic.