Clamato €€

Address :
80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

Dinner from Wednesday to Sunday

12h:00h non stop : Saturday & Sunday

À la carte :
Around 50€

We never asked Bertrand Grébaut why his restaurant was called Clamato. But by looking into the origin of the word, we were able to figure it out. Initially, this tomato based juice was known as Tomatoto. But with the addition of clam juice, it reached the status of Clamato in England, Canada and the United States. And you will indeed find Clamato on the menu, in cocktail form. The name also sounds a bit like “climate”, and god knows how much Bertrand is well-read on restaurant climates. After Septime and La Cave, he demonstrates once again that he doesn’t just care about feeding clients and having a super trendy restaurant full of celebrities, above all he wants to make people feel like he is welcoming them into his home. If we want to take a second to toy with the idea that a chef is not only a culinary artist who assembles ingredients but that his entire being can be found in his restaurant, then we must admit that everything from the cutlery to the wooden tables, the chairs, and last but not least the light that basks the plates, were all chosen by him, in order to create an environment in which to better appreciate his dishes. At Clamato, the chef is also the decorator, the lighting director, and the commander in chief. Welcome into his home.



Everything is both simple and sophisticated (the lighting) laid back and comfortable (the furniture), cozy and chill (the ambiance); the perfect cocoon to enjoy the seafood-filled menu. The dishes change daily, and are made to be shared. Be warned, this is definitely not a place for those who do not like the sea. Oysters, sea urchin, herring, Banka trout, haddock, eel, scallops are at the heart of the menu, all sublimated by the chef’s cuisine. As in his other restaurants, Bertrand rarely exceeds three elements on a plate and the sophistication emanates from the incredible balance and delicacy of each dish, where the technique disappears to reveal the ingredient in all of its purity and glory.