Bierhuis Kulminator – €


Vleminckveld 32, 2 000 Anvers,

+32 (0)3 232 45 38

Kulminator is a cross between a local bar and a cozy chalet. Created in 1979, this place seems completely unaffected by the passing of time, all generations come together. Run by a passionate couple with an encyclopedic knowledge of beer, each one of the 800 references was scrupulously sought out in order to satisfy the curiosity of all beer-lovers. The discoveries are extraordinary, from the daily beers, always refreshing and with an impeccable layer foam (there are always about 9 on tap), to certain vintages over 30 years old (classics like Chimay Bleue are available in almost every year), and other rarities like brews aged in oak barrels, whiskey barrels and even port barrels. There is clearly more than enough here to restore the image of beer, which is in fact just as subtle as a good wine, and just as fascinating in terms of its elaboration, aromas and tasting rituals. The more bold beer-drinkers can opt for the famous EKU 28, also known as Kulminator 28, the strongest beer in the world (28°!), which the place is named after. Luckily, you can also nibble on (mountains of ) cheese to make this initiation last as long as possible.