Vin d’où – €€€

Terlinckstraat 2, 2 600 Berchem Anvers,

+32 (0)3 230 55 99


The first thing that you notice at Vin d’Où is its multi-facetted ways. As if the owners, Tom and
Isle Fluit, had not wanted to choose between their passion for art and their attachment to France, and also Italy, and of course Belgium. And this desire not to choose is what makes their restaurant less classic than it seems. Located in a peaceful residential area in the south of Antwerp, the space is very bourgeois-chic, as if from another era, and outside, an air of Dolce Vita floats through the enormous and absolutely charming terrace. At Vin d’Où, you rediscover long- forgotten dishes, including some right out of French culinary history books, like the marbled foie gras, artichokes with aged balsamic vinegar and brioche, and the sole from Noirmoutier en croûte de sel. And yet, it is far from dull. Perhaps because you can indulge in both a vibrant vitello tonnato and an aged Simmental entrecote served with thick-cut homemade French fries, bistro-style. And because the dishes, always perfectly cooked and without any frills, are sometimes topped with ribbons of truffle or beads of caviar… just like that, because it tastes good. Speaking of flavor, be sure to taste the ice-cream! A hedonism of every instant, all the way to the wine list where you will find bottles that are rare, and where there are no limits. The couple even went as far as importing grappa directly from The Boot. A blurring of boundaries that you mustn’t try to decipher.