Schnitzel – €€

Paardenmarkt 53, 2 000 Anvers,

+32 (0)3 256 63 86


Schnitzel: a traditional Viennese dish made up of breaded veal. It is also the name of Geert Weyn’s first restaurant, located in the north of Antwerp. The storefront is understated, as is the décor; what’s important is what happens in the plates, sent out in gusts of flavor, each one more exciting than the next. Geert was Julien Burlat’s sous chef at Dôme, where he discovered both his talent and his love for pâté en croute – he was one of the front runners in the world championship that celebrates the latter in 2012 – and all types of charcuterie:“Aufschnitzel” (the only item on the menu that comes close to the word Schnitzel), sausages, hams and other homemade carnivorous delights. Each dish makes you want to order another; you often end up ordering the entire menu, which changes depending on the whim of chef Geert and his sous chef Koen Lenaerts. It’s just so good. The key is to come with someone with a big appetite in order to indulge in the evanescent gnocchi, the exquisite vegetable plates, and then ask for more. An art de vivre that perfectly pairs with the exquisite wine list selected by Lisanne Van Son, Dôme’s illustrious sommelier. Schnitzel also offers one of the best restaurant playlists in town; a sense of detail that once again is just as important as the rest.