Veranda €€€

Lange Lobroekstraat 34, 2 060 Anvers,

+32 (0)3 218 55 95

Around 55€

We had already seen Davy Schellemans compose high-end dishes in a microscopic kitchen with rock n’ roll blasting in the background. It was back at his first Veranda, a charming and slightly retro gem of a bistro. It was a couple of years ago, and since then Davy decided that he wanted to give more breadth to his talent by creating Veranda 2.0. And the new version is spectacular: high ceilings, an industrial decor, a huge terrace, and what a space! The grandeur is almost intimidating at first. But as soon as you make eye contact with Davy, who is there smiling behind his shiny stove, you immediately feel at ease. The welcome is incredibly warm. The vibrant sommelier Vanessa Massé and her accomplice Daan Guelinckx compose the exciting and singular wine list side by side. And there also reigns their communicative enthusiasm: an extremely rare sake with notes of mushrooms on one side, and the roasted, smoky, milky flavors of Davy’s assertive and minimalist cuisine on the other. His dishes display a carnal bond to the ingredient, like that whole roasted carrot treated there like a juicy piece of meat, served with an explosive carrot and ginger sauce and perfectly paired with pickled orange, and his focaccia served warm alongside a little bowl of olive oil. And don’t get us started on the leather cutlery case and the enormous selection of craft beers, both local and from afar. All this brought together gives this new Veranda the momentum it deserves, and so much more.