19 Glass – €€

Stora Nygatan 19
111 27 Stockholm, Suède
+46 (0)8 723 19 19
499 / 699 Sek

As soon as you meet Peter Bennyson for the fist time, you feel as if you have known him forever. With his salt and pepper Viking air, he offers his food and wine to you as if he is offering a gift bursting with kindness. At lunchtime, businessmen trade in their ties for napkins around their necks and dig in. That day, the soup was steaming hot, the pasta al dente, the chickpeas and the broth intense with flavors of the Mediterranean. The pork spare ribs melted in our mouths, the fennel added a fresh twist, and the grilled polenta a dab of decadence. We barely dared to ask for dessert. The coffee arrived, perfectly smooth, with a chocolate truffle resting on a spoon. Peter Bennyson was right. That was all we needed. Or maybe just one more glass of the Morgon Lapierre, which was so easy to drink it nearly passed unnoticed.

PS: You will not only find 19 varieties of wine at 19 Glass, but rather 100, mostly natural
wines and from around the world…
PPS: You have to try the five-course dinner menu. It looks amazing!