Flying Elk – €€


Mälartorget 15, 111 27 Stockholm,

+46 (0)8 208 583

600 / 1000 Sek

Everybody knows Bjorn Frantzen’s incredibly precise cuisine, unbeatable technique, and impulsive creativity that slaps you in the face at his eponymous restaurant Frantzen. As surprising as it may seem, the chef also opened a pub with a British air, just a couple of blocks away from the mother ship, the Flying Elk. Looking around the room at the décor, we could have sworn that we were in the UK: dark green walls, leather banquettes, Smithsand Joy Division playing in the background, and on the food front, beef short ribs to be happily dipped in tartar sauce, triple-fried fries, fish and chips, and a macaroni and cheese that is to die for. You want to order everything on the menu, reach over to grab a taste off your neighbor’s plate, and end up sharing everything. All the way to the killer sticky toffee pudding. Only the vanilla ice cream manages to escape the generous, share-all mood. That’s the one thing you may want to keep for yourself. Completely over the top, made with gentle but flavorful vanilla beans, it coats the palate with its silky creaminess from the first bite. Sumptuous and memorable.