Oaxen Slip – €€

Beckholmsvägen 26, 115 21 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 55 153 105


“We created both a bistro and a gastronomic restaurant, simply because we love both. There are times when I don’t want to stop to think about each bite. I just want to satisfy my hunger, mindlessly, in good company,” explained Magnus Ek, while nibbling on a couple of perfectly crisp double- fried fries. There we were at Oaxen Slip,
the bistro that flirts with his gastro restaurant Oaxen Krog, an old dry dock basking in sunlight and decorated with a rare elegance. We loved the wooden boat dangling from the ceiling, the huge communal tales, the coherence of the space, all the way to the dresses worn by the young waitresses and
the slabs of wood used to serve delightful dishes. Nestled in this cocoon, we reveled in the natural wines carefully selected from all across europe by Agneta, Magnus’ wife, served alongside the house made charcuterie and bountiful dishes to be shared shamelessly. Sitting there in the dimly lit dining
room, we rejoiced in the couple’s relationship to the meal. Agneta spoke of “gypsy dinners”, Magnus, of feasts, of everyday life, of joy. Of simplicity, too. And as we shared a plate of calamari and that legendary chocolate and banana trifle, we couldn’t help but smile in the face of such sincerity.