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Artillerigatan 14, 114 51 Stockholm,

+46 (0)8 662 30 60

1295 Sek

Gastrologik was created by a duo in 2011. Jacob and Anton have known each other since their apprenticeships. One followed the classic career path of a chef, while the other learned later in life and became a pastry chef. Accomplices in life and in the kitchen – “we don’t need to talk to one another anymore” – the two thirty year olds can definitely boast about their various work experiences with the greats. Pascal Barbot and Pierre Gagnaire marked them for life, but their biggest inspiration is still Sweden, its ingredients and its farmers. “90% of our ammunition comes from small producers whom we set off to meet regularly, a fundamental step for us and for Gastrologik (an obvious contraction of the words gastronomy and logic). When we receive a goat, it comes in whole.”We thus delighted in an incredibly tender piece of goat, served with goat’s milk and fresh cheese with dried herbs. Anton and Jacob’s cuisine is of a rare delicacy. Take for example the langoustine, barely seared, with radishes and a cream made with the head of the langoustine that you want to soak up every last drop with Anton’s magnificent bread. The dining room is peaceful. Each detail is well thought-out, the service is discreet and attentive but never over- bearing. An elegant sobriety that seems to reflect the two comrades, who both have quite a sense of humor. The tacos made with celery, deer and horseradish are irresistible bites to be eaten shamelessly with your fingers, just like the caramel pudding and it’s remarkable texture. Also to be eaten with your fingers.