Ekstedt – €€€

Humlegårdsgatan 17, 114 46 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 611 12 10

790 / 990 Sek

Niklas Ekstedt decided that he would serve dishes entirely cooked over embers. A crazy challenge. The chef with a Viking air chose not to succumb to the allure of technology and its super intelligent robots, by opting for a historical mode of cooking that was used in Norway before the discovery of electricity. When it opened in 2011, Ekstedt received mixed feelings from clients. Perhaps that is the common fate of all avant-guard initiatives.“People were always talking about Scandinavian ingredients, but not about the methods of conservation, fermentation, pickles, wood ovens, and everything else that makes up our Nordic culture. I wanted to discover the flavors of our ingredients when prepared in the original way,” he explained, now reassured by the correctness of his approach, having been crowned with a Michelin star. In the beginning, he also had to make people understand that Ekstedt wasn’t simply a grill restaurant, but a restaurant that served contemporary culinary creations. Today, people fight for a seat at Niklas Ekstedt’s restaurant, to taste it’s elegant plates with hints of smoky juniper. The warm and rustic décor made of wood makes you feel, in the heart of Stockholm, as if you are in a cabin in the middle of the woods. And when the juicy lobster barely licked by the flame or the crisp pizza baked in the wood oven make their appearance, you loose all points of reference and are transported back in time. A unique experience.