Spritmuseum – €€

Djurgårdsvägen 38, 115 21 Stockholm,

+46 (0)8 12 131 309

600 / 800 Sek

We were introduced to Petter Nilsson’s cooking in Paris. An absolutely delightful combination of Nordic cuisine with southern influences. We remember with fondness that chewy sourdough bread, slightly sweet, that he kneaded every morning, and were thrilled to find it again at the Spritmuseum, near the docks of Stockholm. This is where, in this spirits museum close to the Djurgärden island, Petter Nilsson reconnected with his homeland. How wonderful to rediscover his dishes, still of such a rare elegance that never turn their back on pleasure, such as the rice chips topped with delicately raw skreï, to be dipped in a cream of ramps and pickled elderberry. Petter Nilsson could not stop talking about his love and passion for cooking as we walked around the almost blindingly bright space, where the pastel colors flirt with the blond wood, and the little bouquets of flowers are delicately placed on each table. The chef also evoked the future terrace that will offer a spectacular view come spring, as well as the menu of beer on tap that will quench his guests’ thirst. A sort of “Swedish way of life”. Nilsson is adamant about bringing gastronomy down to earth. He doesn’t particularity enjoy the never-ending tasting menus. The experience should simply be about well being. And it is. When we tasted his prune tartlets with whipped cream, we felt the urge to pass the spoon around the table. The joy of eating simply.